(desenvolvido em 14 dias / developed in 14 days)

In DevHood Quest, you control a team of three game developers as they make a game for a game jam. You have 14 days to complete all parts of the game, while carefully not letting your characters get depressed or sick.

Once the game starts, you can go inside the character's houses. There, you can click on them to choose the action that will be done for the whole day. You can choose:
- To develop: Developing increases your progress, and reaching 100 progress with all three characters is your main objective and the only way of winning. Each character has a different minigame that you'll have to beat in order to develop for this day. Each time you fail in a minigame you lose 10 satisfaction. The minigames get harder and harder each time you progress, but you can make them a bit easier by buying some stuff on shops.
- To work: Working is really important, for having money is the way to survive. You have to constantly buy food to not get sick, and this requires money, and you can also buy upgrades to get more satisfaction boosts and make minigames easier. Each time you work you get +1$ in the next day of work with this character.
- To play: Playing increases your satisfaction and is the only action you can do while you're sick or depressed. You are at risk of depression if your satisfaction is on 40 or below. You can recover from depression by reaching 70 satisfaction or more.

Eating is the only action that doesn't use the character's whole day. You need to eat to increase health, which decreases every day you don't eat on the restaurant. If your health is 40 or below, you can get sick, and you recover from sickness by maxing out your health.

When you choose an action (develop, work or play) for every character, you can end the day by clicking on the End Day button. Now there are 13 days left. Good luck.

This game was made in two weeks for the Construct 3 Game Jam by Marcos Fuchter, Pedro Monteiro, Gustavo Fernandes and Isaac S. Johnson (almost three people, too bad we required an additional artist)

- Mouse & Keyboard (explained in game)
- F (toggle fullscreen)

Note: Even if you mute the programmer's minigame, it will still have sound due to a mistake in the code which requires it to play sounds. Sorry'bout that. (So if you don't want any sound at all in the game I recommend silencing the browser)

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